Sometimes, Love Can Be Complicated

I have worked with several clients, as well as couples who are having  relationship issues, struggling with adjusting to a new status or change within the structure of the relationship, and/or experiencing or have experienced traumatic events relating to their relationship. Now, conflict within a relationship is typical… heck; if there is not some element of conflict in a relationship (romantic or otherwise), can it be considered an authentic and genuine connection?

We as human beings all value connection, with that possibly comes conflict, however the benefit of a loving and rewarding partnership can be the most beautiful, unmeasurable, and powerful bond that can inspire, motivate, and provide some purpose and appreciation.

So, almost all human beings value connecting with others as well as want ing to be a part of some type of group, regardless which type that may be ( the exception may apply to some individuals who have a chronic and severe personality disorder, and/or  some type of developmental disability) and from engaging in therapy with my clients, it seems as though sometimes we forget what  a healthy relationship entails. Sometimes we just need a profound reminder, and so I present to you a gift..this video by EA Prince  is inspiring and practical.. beautiful and relieving..necessary and appreciated. Here it is: maybe it doesn’t have to complicated, as long as we check in with ourselves and our partners to make sure we are not making it so hard, and not taking it for granted. ♥♥♥♥

P.S. John Gottman’s work is precise and amazing. Check him out if you can, Along with

Prince ea.

Terri Davis-Liller, MSW, LISW-S, LICDC

#Team TD



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